"Nathan W. Scheuer’s projections are breathtaking as they add high tension and authenticity to realistic air fights..."
--WAMC Northeast Public Radio Bob Goepfert on CapRep's  production of FLY
" all bathed in the spectacular rainbow of luminescence in Nathan W. Scheuer’s impressive lighting..." 
--Ladue News Mark Bretz on The Muny's production of KINKY BOOTS
"Peter and Margery Spack’s innovative scenic design coupled with Nathan W. Scheuer’s impressive lighting design gave the production a stark, yet engaging feel." Jim Ryan on The REP's production of HEISENBERG
"Matthew Young’s usage of the imposing Muny background screen, augmented by Nathan W. Scheuer’s colorful lighting design, makes this two-act, frolicsome musical based on the 1989 Disney animated film and the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale vibrant and visually highly appealing, steeped in all of its nautical splendor." 
--Ladue News Mark Bretz on The MUNY’s production of THE LITTLE MERMAID
"And Nathan W. Scheuer’s lighting design - always noteworthy - is stunning in concept and execution." 
--Belleville News-Democrat Lynn Venhaus on The MUNY’s production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR
"The set by Steven C. Kemp and lighting by Nathan W. Scheuer combine to create a dazzling theatrical spectacle. . ." 
--TheatreScene Ryan Mikita on The York’s A Taste of Things to Come
"Nathan W. Scheuer’s lighting design, strong throughout the season, was exceptional addition." 
--Belleville News-Democrat Lynn Venhaus on The MUNY’s production of AIDA
"Impressive lighting design by Nathan W. Scheuer enhanced the production immensely, from the blacklight borders to the party lights, to the moon glow." 
--Belleville News-Democrat Lynn Venhaus on The MUNY’s production of MAMMA MIA
"Nathan Scheuer’s lighting is a sumptuous feast offering a festive rainbow of colors." 
--Ladue News Mark Bretz on The MUNY’s production of MAMMA MIA
"The stage production could never duplicate some of the film's memorable moments until now — with the LED screen projecting the poppy field, the frightening "Surrender Dorothy" sky-written message, and the Wizard's imposing floating head, not to mention terrifying Miss Gulch riding on her bicycle. Nathan W. Scheuer's video designs are the best yet." 
--Belleville News-Democrat Lynn Venhaus on The MUNY’s production of WIZARD OF OZ
"Part of the ingenuity of this production is how video designer Nathan Scheuer actually comes up with a design that has a real value rather than being superfluous, as often is the case with video for stage plays. Scheuer incorporates many of Dr. Seuss [like] fanciful drawings on the screen as well as techniques that expand the acting dimension of characters such as Jojo." 
--Ladue News Mark Bretz on The MUNY's production of SEUSSICAL
"Nathan Scheuer's lighting provided rich ambience. Smart, sassy, and super cool, if this is commercial dance, we want more." 
--Dance Magazine's Victoria Looseleaf on Shaping Sound Dance Co.'s North American Tour
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